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The one workshop you need to understand the Health Care Industry.

Whether you are part of enterprise sales or marketing teams, system architects, software developers, integrators, data scientists, UX designers, product managers, product marketers, program managers, in- house IT staff, and associates in private equity, venture capital, or executive recruitment, this two-day intensive course is a unique in-person immersive learning workshop that provides students with a practical understanding of all aspects of the U.S. healthcare system and how they are meant to work together.

I really believe your course is a must for all people working in healthcare… for the first time I feel like I have a solid understanding of the scope of the system.

- Liran B, Senior Architect, HIT startup

Meet Your Instructor

With over a decade of industry experience, Frank lngari is the expert you need.

Frank has had a long career working as a CEO and board member in mainstream tech companies. He entered the field of healthcare in 2007 and aggressively tackled the learning curve, figuring out the most effective ways to fill in the gaps in his own knowledge, and the best methods of communicating it to others. This course is designed to help those transitioning into the field of healthcare - to help you understand how healthcare works from the ground up. The curriculum explores the clinical model, the payment system, regulations, key technologies, and competencies. After two intense days at CHIL, you should leave with a practical working model of the entire healthcare industry - a model that will help you effectively digest detailed information, and give you a framework to keep growing your knowledge when you’re back at work.