Sanders' Medicare-for-All: here's why Republicans want to attach it to Democrats

I am a huge fan of Medicare and the quality of CMS leadership. I write and speak frequently about the genius of Medicare Advantage. I appreciate fully why people love the phrase "Medicare for All."

But whatever you think of the concept in the abstract, Senator Sanders' Medicare-for-All bill is a terrible piece of specific legislation -- ill-conceived, badly written, and dangerously flawed. It fails to provide answers to the essential questions of healthcare reform, suggesting either ideological rigidity or cynical manipulation -- or both.

Healthcare, AI, and the Hype Cycle: Nuance Needed

When applied to huge de-identified data sets, AI is already generating insights useful in population-based work such as accountable care planning and drug discovery. But AI fails badly when "resolving" to the individual care plan for a complex indication.

Clinical Trials Move into the Mainstream

The newly diagnosed cancer patient often experiences a new relationship with time. How much time do I have? How quickly can my treatment begin? How will I use my time differently now?

Making sure a patient gets the right treatment as early as possible can be the difference between life and death.

Trials are Treatments

Oncologists must now address the fact that, for a significant and growing number of patients, the best available treatment may be a therapy that is only available in a clinical trial, when compared to the best available drug in the Standard of Care.