Growth Ally

Jun 2017 – Present

The vision of Growth Ally is to apply decades of experience in many sectors, technologies, and business models to help investors and entrepreneurs succeed with greater effectiveness, certainty, and satisfaction. We offload critical tasks, upgrade management‘s productive capacity, and improve the yield of the CEO‘s bond with the Board and investors. Growth Ally does not dictate "answers": we help teams develop their own power and style to achieve great things.


Cure Forward

Sept 2016 - May 2017

Cure Forward was a disruptor in the field of patient recruitment for clinical trials in oncology.

We found patients on the web and through social media, often in community settings far from academic medical centers, and helped them to build integrated EMR and omic profiles. Our Trial Navigators then helped patients personally throughout the matching and site introduction processes. As CEO I led a great mission-driven team, and helped develop both a continuous improvement process and technology tools resulting in steady growth of clinical trial enrollments.



Aug 2012 - Apr 2016

NaviNet is one of America‘s leading healthcare collaboration networks, connecting over 40 health plans and 60% of the nation‘s physicians, representing 420,000 clinical and administrative healthcare professionals. I led the company from its 2012 recapitalization through the sale of NaviNet to NantHealth in January 2016, achieving substantial returns for investors.

I was privileged to lead an extraordinary team and be part of a culture of inclusion, innovation, and fierce devotion to customer success. During my time as CEO, we together conceived and effected NaviNet‘s transition from an unsustainable custom development shop to a single configurable national networking platform, with significant innovation in the secure transmission of clinical information as part of administrative workflows.

We achieved a 100% CEO Approval Rating and high company approval ratings on Glassdoor, Best Places to Work in Boston (Boston Globe), 150 Best Places to Work in Healthcare (Beckers), 20 Most Promising Technologies (CIO Review), and Product Leadership Award for Payer-Provider Collaboration (Frost & Sullivan).

Co-Founder and CEO



As Essence, I co-founded Lumeris based on the software and service model we had developed inside EGHC to enable primary care organizations and IDNs to succeed in full-risk Medicare Advantage contracts. Today Lumeris is the KLAS #1 Value Based Care Managed Services provider, enabling the formation and successful operation of accountable delivery systems nationally.

I helped recruit WebMD‘s founding CEO, Mike Long, who joined Lumeris in late 2011 and assumed leadership prior to my joining our new investment, NaviNet. At Lumeris I received a 100% CEO Approval Rating on Glassdoor.


Essence Healthcare


I entered the healthcare field in 2007 as CEO of Essence Healthcare, which had been founded by the visionary primary care group Esse, led by doctors Tom Doerr, Chuck Willey, and John Rice. 

From 2007-2012, we grew this pioneering Medicare Advantage plan from 3.5 stars and 8,200 members to the largest MA plan in Missouri, with membership above 50,000, premium revenues above $500 million, strong profitability, and unique status (at that time) as the nation‘s only 5-Star Medicare Advantage plan that did not employ physicians or own a network. The Essence team introduced many innovations that are now best practice in accountable care, and I am grateful to the lifetime professionals at Essence who mentored a techie newcomer to healthcare. 100% CEO Approval Rating on Glassdoor.

Founder & CEO

Growth Ally (and spinoff Wheelhouse)


The first iteration of Growth Ally provided high-impact strategy, CEO coaching, management, and governance services to public and venture-funded technology companies. 

Working with firms such as KPCB, Greylock, Charles River, and Polaris, we contributed to companies including iRobot, Microstrategy, RSA, Powersoft, and Allaire. Assignments included CEO and executive team evaluation, interim CEO and functional responsibility, negotiation with regulators, strategic plan development, business model evaluation, marketing and software development turnarounds, etc.




Shiva was a pioneer in remote access technology. At its peak it served more than 95% of the Fortune 1000, and was eventually sold to Intel.

During my time at Shiva, we grew from $30MM to $200MM+ and enjoyed a successful IPO led by Goldman Sachs and Cowen.

Vice President

Lotus Development Corporation


Vice President, Personal Computer Spreadsheet Division
Vice President, Worldwide Marketing

Lotus Development Corporation was a software company based in Massachusetts. Lotus is most commonly known for the LOTUS 1-2-3 spreadsheet application. IBM purchased the company in 1995.

I was the business owner and GM responsible for Lotus 1-2-3 and Symphony on all PC platforms, with >$500MM in revenue and >600 staff, principally software developers and marketers. I then served as head of Worldwide Marketing during the launch of Lotus Notes Release 3, which eventually reached 150MM users.