Do you need to understand the U.S. healthcare industry far better than you do?

I’ve had a long career working as a CEO or board member in mainstream tech companies.  I only came to healthcare in 2007 and I crawled up the learning curve like a lot of other people.  This course is designed to meet the need I had then --  the need to understand how healthcare works from the ground up  --  the clinical model, the payment system, regulations, key technologies and competencies.

After two intense days at CHIL, you will leave with a practical working model of the entire healthcare industry  --   a model that will help you digest a lot of detailed information during the session, and give you a framework to keep growing your knowledge when you’re back at work.

Whether you are a software development executive or venture capitalist who needs her team to upgrade their understanding of healthcare, or you’re an ambitious individual trying to advance your own career, I urge you to check out the testimonials on this website to hear why people are sending their staff, and coming themselves, to work so hard for two long days.

Newcomers to the healthcare industry are often surprised by the warm welcome they get.  The industry wants new ideas and methods from other fields.  But to succeed you have to understand and respect what is fundamental aboutthe existing system as well.

Please read through the curriculum.  It’s intense, but we make use of graphics, animation, group discussion, and real-world narratives to keep it lively. 

I love this work.  I think that comes through in the session, because we share a lot of learning, bonding, and even some laughs.

If you don’t believe you’ve left with a solid foundational understanding of the U.S. healthcare system, we offer a full money-back guarantee.