Frank Ingari co-founded and ran Everybody’s Business, a pioneering auction and party which, over eight years, raised $2MM for AIDS prevention and education, aimed at women and children at risk.  Total operating costs were less than 3%.

He raised over a million dollars for various charities as a musician in the bands Look & Feel (1988-2000) and Tempting Fate Revue (2003-2007).

He is a current member of the Board of Trustees for Boston Medical Center’s HealthNet Managed Medicaid health plan.  HealthNet is a non-profit organization devoted to providing healthcare to the underserved populations of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Any financial surplus is returned to Boston Medical Center, the highly regarded hospital serving underserved and vulnerable populations.

He is a long-time member of the Presidential Advisory Board at Berklee College of Music, the leading global educator in popular music.

Board Seats & Governance

1990’s and 2000’s: Public Company Board Positions

  • Director, Sybase Corporation
  • Director, Microstrategy Inc.
  • Director, Powersoft Corporation
  • Chairman of the Board, Shiva Corporation

Private and Non-Profit Board Experience:

  • NaviNet Inc. (through December 2015)
  • Boston Medical Center HealthNet (current)
  • Member, President’s Advisory Board, Berklee College of Music (current)
  • Essence Group Holdings Corporation
  • Chairman of the Board, Essence Healthcare Inc.
  • Lumeris Corporation
  • Chairman of the Board, Massachusetts Telecommunications Council (industry association representing telecom providers such as Verizon, hardware, and software companies)
  • Chairman, National Software Business Practices Survey, an annual analysis of the business and operating practices of the software industry, funded by Price Waterhouse (1989-1993)
  • Chairman of the Board, MetaMatrix Corporation
  • Chairman of the Board, Wheelhouse Corporation
  • Chairman of the Board, Ontos Inc.
  • Director, Individual Inc. (Kleiner Perkins seat)
  • Original member, Object Management Group (involved in first ORB efforts, late 80’s)
  • Director, Massachusetts Software and Internet Council (1988-2002)
  • Director, Meridio Corporation
  • Director, Convoq Inc.
  • Director, MetaCarta Inc.