Why choose CHIL?  What’s different about it?

CHIL is unique - it is differentiated by its industry model, course design, origin, and instructor. It provides high-potential individuals with direct, personal immersion in a purpose-built curriculum delivered by an accomplished serial entrepreneur and senior executive in healthcare and high technology.

The CHIL industry model delivers a graphical structure that helps attendees to scaffold and integrate the reams of verbal and numerical information that are needed to fully characterize the $3.4 trillion dollar healthcare industry.  By using a handful of organizing elements consistently (industry actors, relationships, processes, and key concepts), a solid mental model is established.

The CHIL course design responds directly to the time famine typical of the modern U.S. enterprise.  Over the course of two intense days, in systematic fashion, it takes the participant on a structured journey beginning with the patient experience and moving through the fundamentals of clinical practice, reimbursement, therapy development, and regulation.  Having established a broad understanding of industry drivers, concerns, and trends, the workshop then turns to the uses and promise of technology, both those in current production and those largely in the development stage.  Workshop elements (graphics, presentation, animation, discussion) are supplemented with a comprehensive 355-page book of slides containing detailed, indexed material on all subjects covered, including an acronym glossary and a guide to further study.

The origin of the course is also important to its differentiation.  The Workshop is based on content licensed from CitiusTech, a leading HIT company specializing in systems integration and software development for providers, payers, pharma, and other HIT vendors.  Developed over a number of years by a dedicated team of courseware developers, it has been tested in live use with several thousand students.

Finally, CHIL is differentiated by its instructor.  It is unusual to find a serial CEO who is passionate about sharing his experience and learning with the next generation of healthcare leaders in this kind of commercial, non-academic setting.  Attendees report that Frank Ingari’s real-world experience in high technology and healthcare make for a learning experience that combines strategic insight with practical discernment, common sense, and a highly engaging delivery style.  As demonstrated by his unusual accomplishment of 100% Glassdoor CEO Approval ratings in 3 successive companies, he enjoys bringing people together in a common mission such as the CHIL Workshop.