Chil Workshops Individuals

CHIL attendees at Boston workshop, April 2018


CHIL is designed for the professional who is trying to advance innovation in healthcare, often involving the application of technology in one of many areas including operational efficiency, clinical quality, or drug discovery. Attendees include enterprise sales and marketing teams, system architects, software developers, integrators, data scientists, UX designers, product managers, product marketers, program managers, in-house IT staff, and associates in private equity, venture capital, and executive recruitment.

If you feel that you don’t know enough about the healthcare system to do your best work, CHIL can change that.  We hear from attendees that they go back to work with an immediately improved understanding of what their colleagues, management, and customers mean when they describe their environment and needs.  Your broader perspective will help you provide more responsive and nuanced products and services, better able to interoperate with other parts of the system.  If you are paying for your own Workshop attendance, CHIL offers a discounted price of $1,495.

Organizational Development Leaders

The vastness and complexity of U.S. healthcare pose a thorny problem for O.D. and training executives.  Line managers are frustrated by how hard it is to find healthcare-aware employees.  Given that healthcare industry employment is projected to grow from 14 million to 18 million in the next decade, managers often feel they are forced to choose between scarce applicants with healthcare experience and high-potential newcomers to healthcare.  CHIL is based on a proven 6-week curriculum developed by CitiusTech, the largest pure-play HIT services company, adapted for the two-day duration that most fast-paced companies can tolerate for dedicated training.

Operating Executives

CHIL was designed in direct response to the need we heard from other CEOs and from C-suite leaders of software development, systems integration, clinical and payer operations, and marketing.  The need for high-quality staff who are tech-savvy and healthcare-savvy is far greater than can be met in the market today.  CHIL can bring an individual or a team to a new level of industry awareness, with an ongoing framework for continued self-education.  One specific goal is to help those involved in HIT to better understand healthcare sectors outside of their own silo, but whose needs must be incorporated into software design, implementation and maintenance strategies, interface development, compliance and regulatory plans, etc.