Below is a sampling of what trusted industry professionals are saying about the CHIL workshop

“The CHIL workshop was a comprehensive tour of the US healthcare system and its technologies like nothing I have ever seen. Frank has condensed every facet of the industry into an engaging presentation of the need-to-know history, current reality, and future trends. The integrated understanding provided by this workshop would be invaluable to any healthcare business professional or technologist to enhance their ability to create value.”

- Jason W, Entrepreneur and CEO, HIT Startup; former CTO and Chief Architect, top 50 HIT vendor

“I have done nothing but rave about this workshop… It was terrific and very valuable.”

- Valerie D, Director, Executive Search Firm

"I think this is invaluable to anyone working in healthcare! Unbelievably eye-opening education. This will undoubtedly make me better at my job when engaging with all sectors of patients, employees, physicians, and leadership in the hospital system."

- VP Marketing, top 20 national hospital system

"My colleagues and I would all agree that this course has changed the way we now think about this space."

- Software Developer, HIT startup

“I really believe your course is a must for all people working in healthcare… for the first time I feel like I have a solid understanding of the scope of the system and at least know the parts I don't know.”

- Liran B, Senior Architect, HIT startup

"The main thing I took away from this workshop was how I fit in ‘the bigger picture’ which is so hard to see sometimes when you’re coding away all day."

- Lili P, Senior Architect, healthcare AI product for global IT leader

“I highly recommend the CHIL workshop to anyone looking to learn more about the industry. Frank is a very dynamic speaker and gives concrete examples that demonstrate his expertise and allow the participants to fully grasp the concepts he is teaching. I enjoyed the training and came away with great information that will help me in my role as I look to grow our organization.”

- Emily A., Professional Development Specialist, Software Development firm serving payers

“Incredibly informative learning opportunity. I found the material extremely valuable, and the experience rewarding.”

- Tom S, Program Manager, CRO

“I would highly recommend it for both people entering the healthcare sector for the first time, and for people who have been silo’d in one aspect of the system who would like to get a more holistic, top-down view.”

- Steven B, Senior Associate, Executive Search Firm